Monday, 19 September 2016

Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello! Too! (Round Records) (2016)

To say that this album has had its fair share of turmoil is an understatement, but as per the quote below things are all the better for the pain endured and the end result is definitely worth the wait. Now I loved the first H!H! album, in fact it was No.5 in my top 50 albums of 2012, and I can see this version of the album making a similar if not higher place this year. Some may know what I mean about this version, others not, having listened to both I can safely say this version is more in line with the first albums style with amazing (and numerous) melodic female (mostly) vocals and not as shouty as the ‘other’ version and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter considering enough has already been said including by the band on the excellent ‘Loud And Fucking Clear’.

It’s H!H!’s use of female vocals that gives it its individuality that sets it apart from the norm, and from what I can tell nearly every song has a different singer, which in some cases can spell disaster. We’ve all seen those solo albums by a guitarist where they’ve roped in a different singer for each song, yeah some songs are good but it doesn’t feel like an album, more a compilation, H!H!T! feels like an album and that’s where it makes a difference (did we expect anything less from Ginger?). Kicking off with ‘All Around The World’ this is actually in my opinion the weakest track on the record and it’s still a rush of massive harmonies and singalong choruses so if it only gets better from here then you’re in for a treat. ‘This Ain’t Love’ is up next with huge melodies courtesy of Emily Lee and when I say huge melodies I mean one of the best vocal performances I’ve ever heard, in a just world this would be a hit single.

‘Glass Of Champagne’ a re-worked version of Sailors excellent single is a duet treat between Sonic Boom Six’s Laila and drummer Ai, elsewhere we have the almost Motörheadesque guitar on ‘Let’s Get Emotional’ the outstanding previously mentioned ‘Loud And Fucking Clear’ which is probably my favourite track if just for the English weather baiting chorus and a Japanese version of ‘Body Parts’ sung by bassist ‘Toshi’. If this wasn’t enough album closer ‘Perfect’ with vocals provided by guitarist The Rev, which shows that this lad needs a new band or solo album of his own, he’s like a young Ginger and I can see him going on to bigger things based on this performance.


The quote mentioned above from ‘Body Of Evidence’ starring Madonna:

Madonna “When I was growing up we had a strawberry patch in our backyard. So did this family down the road.  I used to sneak in their yard and steal their strawberries.  It wasn't easy. The stone walls were high and I'd scrape my knees as I climbed over. On the other side were wild rose bushes. The thorns would dig into my legs and cut my thighs as I lowered myself down”
William Dafoe “If you had what you wanted at home why did you sneak into their yard?
Madonna “Because -- somehow the fruit always tasted that much sweeter because of the pain it took to get to it.”

Terrible movie but worth watching with a box of Kleenex (smiley face with a wink/wank)