Sunday, 31 March 2013

Living Things - Fake it Baby, Fake it / Hell to Pay

Living Things - Fake it Baby, Fake it / Hell to Pay (Brotherly Recordings) (2012)
I was starting to lose faith, May last year Lillian Berlin announced that Living Things would be releasing a triple album in around October, October came and went and finally in November we were (treated) to the incredibly strange video to the track Har Megiddo a vast change to the Living Things sound but still carrying their knack for melody and insightful lyrics, but still no word on the triple album release date. Then in December came another new track Fake it Baby, Fake it (La Dame Nature) another amazing track more in line with the rocking Living Things material were used to, still nothing about the album, then... silence. Then after pretty much losing all hope in May this year this double single was released featuring the afore mentioned 'Fake It Baby' with a second A-side 'Hell To Pay' which sends a shiver down the spine with it's stalker type lyrics and still retaining that Living Things standing just on the edge of reckless musical style. Finally you get a little bonus in 'California Paranoia (Psycho Swing Version)' which seems almost like a throwaway song but in true Living Things style even the throw away is better than most bands singles. There is still no word on the triple album by the way, however the first album 'ADHD' and the 'Economic Hitmen EP' are to be re-released on the their bandcamp page on 28th August AWESOME!!!!
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Sunday, 24 March 2013


2nd band of the week has to go to Black Spiders, if only for their no nonsense brand of rock'n'roll. Anyone who's aware of Pete Spiby's careers to date surely shouldn't have been surprised how good these guys are. Having never gotten chance to see any of his previous bands (Boneyard/Groop Dogdrill/Future ExWife) live i've managed to catch the Spiders twice, first supporting The Wildhearts at Leeds Cockpit and secondly on the J√§germeister tour with Skindred and Therapy? £5 a ticket for that one, it was brilliant!! If you enjoy a good old fashioned rock'n'roll show with catchy as fuck songs and great audience interaction then a Black Spiders gig is for you.

What i also love about this band is their constant work ethic, since releasing the debut single 'St. Peter' they've been shoving out EP after EP alongside an album in 2011, and i hear they're already working on the next one!

Their debut album 'Sons Of The North' is cram packed full of hard rock goodness, every track as addictive as the last, it's a record that's impossible not to like

The EP's are also worth checking out for some classy b-sides and awesome cover songs.

Band Profile:
Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby (vocals and guitar)
Ozzy ‘Owl’ Lister (guitar)
Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas (guitar)
Tiger Si (drums)
Adam ‘the Fox’ Irwin (bass)


2008 - St. Peter (Backstage Alliance)
1  St Peter   
2  I'll Be The Judge   
3  Undertaker Blues

2009 - Cinco Hombres (Diez Cojones) (Dark Riders)
1  Stay Down
2  Jitterbug
3  Skit
4  Meadow
5  Kicked In The Teeth (AC/DC cover)

2010 - No Goats In The Omen (Dark Riders)
1  Just Like A Woman
2  D&B
3  Cold Dead Hands
4  No Class (Mot√∂rhead cover)

2011 - Sons Of The North (Dark Riders)
1  Stay Down   
2  KISS Tried To Kill Me   
3  Just Like A Woman   
4  Easy Peasy   
5  Blood Of The Kings   
6  St. Peter   
7  Mans Ruin   
8  Medusa's Eyes   
9  Si, El Diablo   
10  What Good's A Rock Without A Roll?

2011 - Volume (Compilation) (Dark Riders)
CD-1  St. Peter [Single Version]
CD-2  Stay Down [Single Version]
CD-3  Cold Dead Hands
CD-4  D&B
CD-5  JItterbug
CD-6  I'll Be The Judge
CD-7  Skit
CD-8  Meadow
CD-9  Just Like A Woman
CD-10  No Class
CD-11  Kicked In The Teeth
CD-12  Undertaker Blues
DVD-1  St. Peter
DVD-2  Stay Down
DVD-3  Just Like A Woman

2012 - Kiss Tried To Kill Me (Dark Riders)
1  Kiss Tried To Kill Me
2  Somebody's Fault Not Mine
3  Sons Of The North 
4  Search & Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges cover)

2012 - The Black Album: Covered (Kerrang!)
10 Black Spiders - The God That Failed (Metallica cover)

Official Band Biography:
The band – who consist of Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby (vocals and guitar), Ozzy ‘Owl’ Lister (guitar) Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas (guitar) Tiger Si (drums) and Adam ‘the Fox’ Irwin (bass) have spent the last two years playing for audiences across the UK and main land Europe.
With friends such as Airbourne, Supersuckers, the Datsuns, Stone Gods and Wildhearts among others plus the wowing of festival crowds including Download, Sonipshere, High Voltage, Bloodstock and iTunes Festivals in the UK alone.
iTunes, of course, was very special as the band were chosen by none other than Ozzy Osbourne to open for him at the Roundhouse. Ozzy was so impressed he then offered the Spiders a slot on the UK leg of Ozzfest at the O2 Arena.
With acclaimed EP’s No Goats In The Omen and Cinco Hombres (Diez Cojones) preceding the album release they’ve been winning a lot of friends and influencing a lot of people in the build up to the album release, with features and sterling reviews across the board. But don’t take our word for it...
"Destined to become one of 2011's must haves" said Classic Rock Magazine. "A tireless masterpiece that rocks from front to back. 9/10" say Metal Hammer. "'Black Spiders are pure genius" said the one and only Duff McKagan off Guns N Roses. "5/5 said Big Cheese, "the true sound of rock n' roll in 2011". Rock Sound Magazine proclaimed "their apocalyptic three-man axe assault is aweinspiring". Kerrang! even gave its readers a fright with a poster and shouted about how "this Sheffield based quintet have managed to harness the powers of Angus Young and priapic death punks Turbonegro and distill it into a brew fit for Odin himself".
While the broadcast airwaves have been virtually saturated with their brand "medieval biker rock" (Rock Sound, again...). BBC Radio1 Rock show and the Xfm Rock show have had them in for sessions and stations from Planet Rock to BBC 6Music, Rock Radio and beyond have championed their sounds - with the likes of Scuzz TV, NME TV, Kerrang TV playlisting their videos.
Their debut album Sons of the North was released on 7th february 2011 via Dark Riders / Cargo Records.

Band website:
Big Cartel page:
Facebook page:

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Six By Seven - Free Music

Sorry for the gap in updates, had to take my little girl for her first jabs yesterday and spent the rest of the day trying to stop her from screaming, such fun!

Anyhoot, got an e-mail yesterday, the wonderful Chris Olley of Six By Seven fame has put up a lovely free live album on his bandcamp, called simply Six By Seven - Live, unfortunately i'm yet to hear it as there really aren't enough hours in the day but i intend to partake tonight. You can download this album for the princely sum of fuck all, or you can purchase it for £5 on cd and get another 2 discs containing the last ever (at the time) Six By Seven show from Nottingham Junktion 7

It's also worth checking out his other stuff on there, there's tons of interesting goodness, including some class t-shirts (must put some money to the side for the Things We Make one)

There's also a bootlegs page for completists, i love Six By Seven but i have to draw the line at how many cd's you can from this page.

Also highly recommended is the Fuck Me USA bandcamp page, i picked up the 3CD anthology and have not regretted it, this is some fucked up droney goodness including unreleased tracks, demos and their Glastonbury performance in handmade sleeves and box, who doesn't like handmade stuff

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Favourite Gig Poster Of The Week

I do love the old Nirvana/Sub Pop bands posters and this one is no exception, best Six Bux you'd have ever spent!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

50 Reasons to be UK proud

Because i'm itching to do my top 50 of the year, and yes i know there's still tons of class albums still to come before then, i've done a 50 UK records to make you proud for the last 5 years, why 50 why 5, why not!!

Fuck Me USA - Fuck Me USA
Like some bastard offspring of XTRMNTR era Primal Scream and The Jesus & Mary Chain but with more attitude and swagger, this is Six By Seven's Chris Olley's side project, fucked up fuzzy rock with electrobeats.

The Bishops - The Bishops
Was this album released in 2007 or 1967, you'd be hard guessed to tell at times, there's plenty of bands who take heed from the past but The Bishops actually do sound like they're from then. Add on to this the fact that they sound like one of the best bands from the 60's and put on one hell of an electrifying live show, this is an album not to be missed

Switches - Heart Tuned To D.E.A.D.
Unashamedly pop-rock, Switches have some of the hugest choruses you will ever hear, they bring to mind bands like Spacehog, unfortunately they only released this one album so get hunting it down.

The Wildhearts - The Wildhearts
No list i ever make is complete without featuring something to do with this band, i've been a fan for around 18 years and 13 years down the line they still throw out masterpieces like this jammed full of riffs and harmonies. TOP ALBUM!!!

Humanfly - II
Old friends of mine who i put out their first release which is a far cry from this beast, epic does not come close and the flyboys do tend to switch styles for each new release but this is easily my favourite, scarily heavy.

Charger - Spill Your Guts
For a band who's motto has always been Volume Over Talent, their 3rd album takes it a different level, Volume so deep it's likely to make you shit yourself. Veering from slow pounding epic slabs to short nasty hate filled sermons.

Biffy Clyro - Puzzle
If i have to chose between Only Revolutions and Puzzle, it has to be Puzzle because its so much more epic, heavier, and crammed full of ideas. There's a double album coming which could be their death knell so appreciate them while they still rock.

Ted Maul - White Label
There are no other records like this one at all, nothing even close, full on deathcore mixed with techno elements, it might sound crazy, it sounds like it would never work, but it does. You'd be hard pressed to find an album as technically brutal as this.

Taint - Secrets And Lies

Zico Chain - Food

Skindred - Roots Rock Riot

Sons & Daughters - This Gift

Duels - The Barbarians Move In

Blood Red Shoes - Box Of Secrets

Brigade - Come Morning We Fight

Glasvegas - Glasvegas

Fight Like Apes - Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion

Architects - Hollow Crown

Left Side Brain - Collider

Therapy? - Crooked Timber

Gallows - Grey Britain

The Horrors - Primary Colours

Manic Street Preachers - Journal For Plague Lovers

White Light Parade - House Of Commons

The Ghost of A Thousand - New Hopes, New Demonstrations

Future Of The Left - Travels With Myself And Another

Kong - Snake Magnet

Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Northern Stomp

Blakfish - Champions

Dead Swans - Sleepwalkers

Blackhole - Dead Hearts

The Big Pink - A Brief History Of Love

Huw Costin - Regrets

Comanechi - Crime Of Love

Pulled Apart By Horses - Pulled Apart By Horses

Kill Kenada - From Maggots To Flies

O. Children - O. Children

While She Sleeps - The North Stands for Nothing

Your Demise - The Kids We Used To Be...

Bring Me the Horizon - There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret

Dinosaur Pile-Up - Growing Pains

Electric Wizard - Black Masses

Black Spiders - Sons of the North

Innercity Pirates - Cutting Noses, Chasing Tales

The Chapman Family - Burn Your Town

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?

Kill Yourself - The Album

Heights - Dead Ends

Lafaro - Easy Meat

Bastions - Hospital Corners