Sunday, 17 March 2013

Six By Seven - Free Music

Sorry for the gap in updates, had to take my little girl for her first jabs yesterday and spent the rest of the day trying to stop her from screaming, such fun!

Anyhoot, got an e-mail yesterday, the wonderful Chris Olley of Six By Seven fame has put up a lovely free live album on his bandcamp, called simply Six By Seven - Live, unfortunately i'm yet to hear it as there really aren't enough hours in the day but i intend to partake tonight. You can download this album for the princely sum of fuck all, or you can purchase it for £5 on cd and get another 2 discs containing the last ever (at the time) Six By Seven show from Nottingham Junktion 7

It's also worth checking out his other stuff on there, there's tons of interesting goodness, including some class t-shirts (must put some money to the side for the Things We Make one)

There's also a bootlegs page for completists, i love Six By Seven but i have to draw the line at how many cd's you can from this page.

Also highly recommended is the Fuck Me USA bandcamp page, i picked up the 3CD anthology and have not regretted it, this is some fucked up droney goodness including unreleased tracks, demos and their Glastonbury performance in handmade sleeves and box, who doesn't like handmade stuff

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