Sunday, 31 March 2013

Living Things - Fake it Baby, Fake it / Hell to Pay

Living Things - Fake it Baby, Fake it / Hell to Pay (Brotherly Recordings) (2012)
I was starting to lose faith, May last year Lillian Berlin announced that Living Things would be releasing a triple album in around October, October came and went and finally in November we were (treated) to the incredibly strange video to the track Har Megiddo a vast change to the Living Things sound but still carrying their knack for melody and insightful lyrics, but still no word on the triple album release date. Then in December came another new track Fake it Baby, Fake it (La Dame Nature) another amazing track more in line with the rocking Living Things material were used to, still nothing about the album, then... silence. Then after pretty much losing all hope in May this year this double single was released featuring the afore mentioned 'Fake It Baby' with a second A-side 'Hell To Pay' which sends a shiver down the spine with it's stalker type lyrics and still retaining that Living Things standing just on the edge of reckless musical style. Finally you get a little bonus in 'California Paranoia (Psycho Swing Version)' which seems almost like a throwaway song but in true Living Things style even the throw away is better than most bands singles. There is still no word on the triple album by the way, however the first album 'ADHD' and the 'Economic Hitmen EP' are to be re-released on the their bandcamp page on 28th August AWESOME!!!!
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