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50 Shades Of Ginger

Just because i have nothing better to do, well i do but i can't be bothered doing it, i've done a fifty shades of Ginger article. This is basically 50 bands that are connected to Ginger Wildheart through The Wildhearts, i could have looked at people who had played with Ginger in general but it would have ended up as over a Hundred shades of Ginger which doesn't really work. And obviously there may be other bands but getting this lot together was hard enough.

To make it a little easier here's a list of Wildhearts members:
Most recent members
Ginger - vocals, guitar (1990–2010)
C.J - guitar, vocals (1990–1994, 2001–2010)
Ritch Battersby - Drums (1992-1998, 2005-2010)
Scott Sorry - bass, vocals (2004-2010)
Former members
Jools - bass (1990–1991)
Pat Walters - drums (1990)
Dunken F. Mullett - vocals (1990)
Snake - vocals (1990)
Bam - drums (1990-1992)
Andrew "Stidi" Stidolph - drums (1992-1993, 2001–2004)
Willie Dowling - keyboards, piano (1993-1994)
Devin Townsend - Guitar, Vocals (1994)
Mark Keds - guitar, vocals (1995)
Jef Streatfield - guitar, vocals (1995–1998)
Toshi - bass (2001)
Simon Gonk - drums (2001)
"Random" Jon Poole - bass (2003–2005)
Scott Sorry - bass, vocals (2004-2010)
Danny McCormack - bass, vocals (1990-2003)

1. Phasslayne – Cut It Up
1985 album released featuring the drum-work of Stidi, actually a semi decent NWOBHM band
2. Mournblade – Time’s Running Out
1985 mini-album featuring short lived Wildhearts vocalist Dunken Mullet, strangely it contains a song called ‘In The Arms of Morpheus’ 
3. Tobruk – Wild On The Run
1985 album again featuring another short lived Wildhearts vocalist Snake 
4. The Quireboys – Mayfair
1988 single released when Ginger was in the band, not 100% if he’s on the recording 
5. Dogs D'Amour – In The Dynamite Jet Saloon
1988 album featuring the drumming talents of Bam Bam aka Bam from The Wildhearts 
6. The Grip – Be Yourself
1988 album featuring the talents of Mr. Willie Dowling, awful hair on the cover, and to be honest the music isn't too much better 
7. Senseless Things - Up And Coming EP
1988 Debut EP from short-lived 2nd guitarist Mark Keds first band
8. The Tattooed Love Boys – Bleeding Hearts and Needle Marks
1989 album featuring the guitaring of Mr. Cris C.J. Jagdhar, sleazy rockn'roll, not too bad but a bit dated
9. Energetic Krusher – Path to Oblivion
1989 thrash album featuring the bass talents of Danny McCormack, actual a really good thrash album 
10. Soho Roses - Third And Final Insult
1989 Glampunk album featuring early Wildhearts members Julien Dean (bass) & Patrice Panache (drums) 
11. Radio Moscow - World Service
1991 album full of Beautifully cheesy hard-rock band featuring Wildhearts drummer Ritch Battersby
12. The Wildhearts - Mondo Akimbo A-Go-Go
1992 Debut EP from The Wildhearts best band in the world pretty much
13. Guns n' Wankers - For Dancing and Listening
1994 straight up punk album featuring early Wildhearts members Julien Dean (bass) & Patrice Panache (drums) 
14. Cardiacs - Sing to God [Parts 1 and 2]
1996 album featuring a large contribution from Jon Poole 
15. Whatever - Sugarbuzz
1996 album featuring the drum work of Stidi, quite decent melodic rock band 
16. Honeycrack - Proziac
1996 album from Willie and CJ lots of bouncy pop rock goodness 
17. Jolt - Sex And Cheques
1996 EP from Mark Keds band after managing to piss off The Wildhearts, not as good as Senseless Things or The Lams but still some decent tunes 
18. Devin Townsend - Infinity
1998 album featuring the Ginger co-wrote song 'Christeen' 
19. Backyard Babies - Safety Pin and Leopard Skin
1998 mini-album Ginger contributed vocals to their cover of Faster Pussycats 'Babylon' 
20. The Jellys - Welcome To Our World
1998 album CJ and Stidi's post Honeycrack band, very strange and hi-pitched but some cracking melodic songs 
21. Super$hit 666 - Super$hit 666
1999 mini-album from very short-lived side project from Ginger around 1999 also featuring Nick Royale, Dregen and Thomas Skogsberg

22. Clam Abuse - Stop Thinking
1999 album from another side project from Ginger around 1999 also featuring Alex Kane and Kieron Pepper, very strange music possibly to be enjoyed whilst high on something 

23. Sugar Plum Fairies - Fruit Karma
1999 album from Willie Dowlings band between Honeycrack and Jackdaw4, still struggling to find a copy 

24. Dogpiss - Eine Kleine Punkmusik
1999 album by punk band, once again featuring early Wildhearts bassist Julien Dean 

25. The Yo-Yo's - Uppers and Downers
2000 album from Danny McCormack's rock'n'roll side show, actually quite good in places 
26. Bubble - How 'Bout This?
2000 album after rejoining The Dogs D'Amour for a while Bam drummed for this band who to be honest sound like The Distillers without the talent 
27. Sack Trick - Penguins On The Moon
2000 insane album featuring lots of different members including Jef Streatfield on this album 
28. Grand Theft Audio - Blame Everyone
2000 Funk/Punk/Rap of whatever album featuring Ritch Battersby, not a fan myself 
29. Plan A - Hey Ho!
2001 EP from Jef Streatfield's band after leaving The Wildhearts, hard to find their music but the bits out there sound decent 
30. Silver Ginger 5 - Black Leather Mojo
2001 album Technically a Ginger solo-project around 2001, but it just had much more of a band feel to it, and it was brilliant glammed up Rock
31. The Mau-Maus - Disco Suxx
2001 EP another CJ project, this time releasing just the one EP 
32. New Disease - Axiomatic EP
2003 one off EP from another band featuring Ritch Battersby on drums, i have no idea what they sound like 
33. Amen - Desth Before Musick
2004 album prior to joining The Wildhearts Scott Sorry provided bass for this album, not their best but still some decent songs on it. 
34. Neil Leyton - Dead Fashion Brigade EP
2005 EP Ginger is credited with  (guitar, arrangements, production) 
35. Brides of Destruction - Runaway Brides
2005 album featuring four songs co-written by Ginger and also the bass talents of Scott Sorry 
36. The*Ga*Ga*s - Tonight the Midway Shines
2005 album featuring Wildhearts touring bassist Toshi 
37. Howling Willie Cunt - World Of Filth
2006 album apparently this foulmouthed bastard has nothing to do with Ginger, funny that it made this list though. 
38. God Damn Whores - We Are the Lucky Thirteen
2006 album from Jon Poole's side-project 
39. Jackdaw4 - Bipolar Diversions
2007 album from Willie Dowlings sugarsweet rock band, best tune by far is 'SOOMA (All This Vision)' 
40. CJ & The Satellites - Thirteen
2007 album again from CJ this time with his name in the band title, fancy! 
41. Slaves To Gravity - Scatter the Crow
2008 album from band that rose from the ashes of The*Ga*Ga*s, bit grungy, they got good reviews but i've never been that big a fan 
42. No Direction - No Direction
2009 album from Finnish punk rock band featuring the drumming talents of Andrew "Stidi" Stidolph 
43. Sorry and the Sinatras - Highball Roller
2009 album from Scott Sorry's own band 
44. The Sonic Grafitti - Mystery Number
2010 one off song from band featuring Ginger, Billy Morrison, Michael Butler & Scott Lipps for the Haiti Project charity album. 
45. The Lams - Anarchy Or Death
2011 album from Mark Keds latest project which seems to have been going on for 9 years 
46. Michael Monroe Band - Sensory Overdrive
2011 album featuring the Ginger wrote 'Later Won't Wait', he also co-wrote a further 8 songs and played guitar 
47. Exit-International - Chainsaw Song
2012 EP Ginger contributed to a re-recorded version of 'Glory Horn' 
48. Ginger Wildheart - 555%
2012 triple album from the man himself, utterly brilliant stuff 
49. Mutation
2012 Pledge project that features members of Napalm Death, Exit_International, The Sisters Of Mercy, Hawkeyes, Mark E. Smith and The Cardiacs
50. Hey! Hello!
2012 Pledge project which is a duet album with the lovely Victoria Liedke

So there's a ton of records to search out, i'm not saying they're all good, but there are some gems amongst them

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nice job, I have been a WH/Ginger fan since the early days and was completely unaware of some of these recordings.