Sunday, 28 April 2013

Mudhoney - Vanishing Point (2013)

Mudhoney – Vanishing Point (Sub Pop)

9 albums in and it’s amazing that this band still keep coming out with records as awe inspiring as this, it’s really rare to hear a band 25 years down the line sound this fresh and full of ideas. Of course at immediate listen it’s Mudhoney by numbers, fuzzed up guitars, check, strange rambling/ranting vocals, check, catchy chorus’ that don’t sound like they should work but do, check, but deeper listens bring elements of bands that have inspired Mudhoney for years, psychedelic tinges a la ‘The Heads’ and even a nod to experimentation similar to a band that already used this album title to create a masterpiece. What goes without saying is if you’re a Mudhoney fan already you’re gonna love this, if not you should love it! There’s no real standout track on this album, as usual with this band you’d be best to just listen to the whole thing, over and over.

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