Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Crooked Ways 2013 Mixtape

Put this together for myself as much as anyone else so i could have a proper listen on the way to work at some of the bands playing, got to say i'm looking forward to it more now

Dinosaur Pile-Up - Arizona Waiting
(even better than their previous output, sugar coated harmonies stacked up against heavy riffing, beautiful stuff)
China Rats - To Be Like I
(super catchy stuff, definitely ones to check out)
D.O.T. - You Never Asked
(didn't think i'd like this as much as i do, not my favourite music but it's got something sort of dancy/grimey or whatever music)
The Defiled - Black Death
(only if you like your rock fast and pompous, but a really good listen)
The Enemy - Saturday
(do i really need to tell you anymore about this band, this is another huge anthemic fucker of a song)
Fenech-Soler - Lies
(that dancy stuff that all the cool kids love, not too bad actually but only if they don't clash with someone i really want to see)
Gallops - Lasers
(is this really music, i have to disagree i find it very dull)
Glass Caves - Muscle
(more like it, cos it has words and stuff and is actually quite catchy in a mid afternoon relaxing kind of way)
Mallory Knox - Death Rattle
(much more fucking like it, the band to see, this is from they're debut album 'Signals' which is a bona-fide classic)
Peter Hook & The Light - Pictures In My Mind
(even though i am of the opinion that Peter Hook is a bit of a gobshite, this is actually really good and makes me hope he plays some Joy Division)
Rolo Tomassi - Ex Luna Scientia
(the band with the most beautifully demented singer ever, always wanted to see them live so will be making my way over for this one)
Sam Forrest - The World Hates Me
(lead vocalist for Nine Black Alps, more stripped back and lo-fi but still carrying that same knack for melody that makes his main band so class)
Yashin - New Year Or New York
(still haven't decided on this band yet, parts are insanely heavy and i like those parts but not the other parts)

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