Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.47: Crocodiles - Endless Flowers (Frenchkiss)

Another haze drenched bliss of an album from Crocodiles, this time with the psychedelic cranked up to about 11, you know the album we all hoped The Big Pink would release but Crocodiles went and did it for them. Opening with double hitters ‘Endless Flowers’ and ‘Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)’ this album does not let up with sunny-pop filtered through My Bloody Valentine’s noise, you get the feeling Crocodiles could be huge, hidden away under all that noise are perfect little pop nuggets, but I prefer the noise. You can only see this band going to bigger and better things, last album ‘Sleep Forever’ was a belter and for me album of 2010, and follow up to this ‘Crimes of Passion’ already scheduled for an August release they really are quite prolific, and if it’s half as good as this they’ll make the my top 50 two years running. There’s a lot of bands pushing the My Bloody Jesus & Mary Chain trip these days, but Crocodiles are far and away the leaders of the pack, because they make you forget those bands existed when you listen to them.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.48: Disappears - Pre Language (Kranky)

Bit of a surprise this one, having been a huge 90 Day Men fan, especially of their early work, when Brian Case's vocals were bitter and spat out with venom, for a classic example of this see their twisted classic '(It (Is) It) Critical Band', anyway i digress. Over 5 years ago 90 Day Men called it quits and went their separate ways and were much missed, fast forward to 2012 and i'm messing about looking to see if any bands i used to like are doing new projects and i come across Disappears featuring Brian Case. Not only have they just put an album out but it's their 3rd proper album, naturally i picked it up asap and was quite knocked back by the new style, same venom spitted vocals but this time over an almost Joy Division backing, naturally i'm going to like this as i also fucking love Joy Division. One thing that does need to be pointed out is that like 90 Day Men, Disappears are an acquired taste, you won't find powerful choruses, some bits you can barely sing along to, but not all bands are to be enjoyed in that way, some like Disappears are here to mesmerise and enthral you. Throwing out twisting rhythms, through repetetive grooves, at times drenched in reverbed noise and shot through with Brian's laid back drawl, best surprise of the year!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.49: Hildamay - Miles Away (Wolf At Your Door)

Another stormer of an album this time from sort of newcomers Hildamay, another brilliant signing from the excellent ‘Wolf At Your Door’ stable. Comparisons have been made to Hot Water Music and with the gruff vocals you can see why, but this album is a much heavier beast bringing to mind bands like Quicksand, Helmet and even at times early 3 Colours Red, but still maintaining a sound of their own. Hildamay are typical of what’s making UK rock bands so exciting at the moment, they join bands like Drenge, God Damn, Baby Godzilla and labelmates Mallory Knox in creating something new and interesting, and something to answer people who say there’s no good new bands these days, there are, you just have to look around for them. Miles Away bursts through the gates with ‘The Dark’ and ‘The Light’ and doesn’t relent for 12 tracks of blistering straight up rock. Now go out and do your bit for new bands and get yourself a copy.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chris Olley / Six. By Seven Interview

Part of doing this blog is selfish as fuck and here's where the fun also lies, it means i can interview people who's music i've loved for ages, in this case i bought my first Six. By Seven record around 15 years ago which was the Candlelight 7" with awesome b-side Young Man's Stride, and oh yes in future there will be a b-sides article.

Anyway i decided to quiz main player Chris Olley who has recently once again resurrected the Six. By Seven band, now with former Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt and what sounds like a new lease of life.

HD: Loving the artwork for the new album, I’m assuming the union jack moth is the album cover, where did the design for this come about?

CO: Yes it is. It's was done by Paul Barton. Metamorphosis, change, deep meaningful stuff. Eurovision!!!

HD: I’ve seen 2 different release dates for the album so far, can you clarify if it is June 10th? Also is this a self-released thing and will there be pre-orders etc…

CO: It's coming out in early July now. We had to put it back slightly because of something or other. Yes, we don't have a record label as such, we work with the guys at Cargo Records.

HD: With the upcoming UK tour being the first in quite some time, can we expect some older songs as well or is it solely to promote the new album? I personally would love to see 2 sets one of the new album and a separate set of older tunes.

CO: We tried rehearsing some old songs the other day and to be honest they just didn't come up to scratch sonically with the new stuff which I think says a lot about the new stuff. i know you have to play old stuff but do you have to play old stuff just for the sake of it even if it doesn't sound as good? We feel like a new band now and we already have lots of new songs. We will always play So Close though because that one really does sound great still. Anyway, we spent the last 16 years playing gigs all around the country playing songs off those early albums.

HD: From reports I’ve read and comments you yourself have posted it seems like you’re very content with the new Six. By Seven line-up, do you feel a renewed sense of energy now?

CO: Yes!!  The new record is by far the best thing I have personally ever done with a guitar in my hand. It's great, I hope it works out for us this time.

HD: You’ve talked about how good sonically the new songs are, do you feel you may have captured more of a Six By Seven live experience in the studio this time?

CO: Definitely, this is the shit!

HD: I’m really looking forward to hearing the new album and reviewing for this site, do you care about reviews anymore? Or does it all just go over your head?

CO: I don't care no.

HD: In the past you’ve tended to avoid the basic album/singles format, ie. Extra releases like the Peveril Hotel albums or 14 track singles, do you think you’ll be slowing down this time or do you plan to keep up the extra weird releases in future?

CO: Don't know yet. I'm just doing a singles Klub on my website which is fun for me. It's interesting working within your own format that you set and make exactly like you want it. Afterall, what is an album these days? It was 'a double sided plastic sound carrier with at least 8 songs and 35 minutes in length' when we signed a deal!! CD's holding umpteen tracks, downloads, singles... You can do whatever you like now. I just did two songs and put them in a card and hand wrote the lyrics to each one and dedicated them to the people who bought them and included 5 photographs. I love doing stuff like that. If we make some money out of this album it would be great to do stuff on vinyl for fans through the website. Trouble is it's too expensive at the moment and then it becomes less exclusive unless you become as big as Oasis or Radiohead. Then you just piss the fans off who didn't get it because it was limited!!

HD: I’ve noticed you have tended to release a lot of bootlegs, any chance of the upcoming tour getting the bootleg treatment?

CO: Don't think so. It will be all over YouTube about two hours after we pack up anyway.

HD: Fanboy question, any chance ever of a Six By Seven b-sides release?

CO: Yeah! We used to sell them as bootlegs. We had over 40 odd B-sides in the end. I don't really wanna be going back anymore though at the moment. I've just pulled all the Bootlegs and back Klatterlog from the website.

HD: I’ve noticed the bootlegs/sessions CD’s seem to have disappeared for now is this just while you concentrate on the road ahead or have they had their time?

CO: Yep! They may come back.

HD: I see you’re keeping the Twelve name alive, can we expect the same for Fuck Me USA? Or has this project had it’s day now, love the 3 disc boxset you did recently for it btw.

CO: Fuck Me USA was an art project. 3 legendary gigs, Glastonbury, Live At Leeds, Aldermaston. A first album, A debut album and an anthology and a box set. The only thing that can happen now is Unreleased second album perhaps and reformation.

HD: Any bands/albums you’re looking forward to this year?

CO: Daft Punk. (that was a joke btw, did you know they had a new album coming out?) I tend to listen out for stuff but mostly listen to 6 music. Am currently loving the new Kurt Vile Album.

HD: Loving the UK dates listed and can’t wait for the Leeds one, are you geared up to do some proper touring again? Or any worries?

CO: We do have an agent but we really need to put bums on seats to be able to carry on touring. Geared up? Yeah, just throw the amps and drums in the van and head up or down the M1.

HD: In general it’s good to hear you sounding positive about the future of the band, I really do hope to hear more from you guys, you deserve it.

CO: Thanks mate. When someone says that, I always think of the film 'Unforgiven' with Clint Eastwood. He plays the part of an old gunfighter and at the end he has his foot on Gene Hackmans chest and is about to blow his brains out and Gene Hackman say's, "I don't deserve this, I was building a house..." Clint just says, " 'Deserve' has got nothing to do with it" and promptly pulls the trigger. And that's it really isn't it?

So there you have it, bang over to to hear 'Truce' from the new album, it's a brooding beast of a track

Then head over to and get a ticket to see them live, because 'Deserve' in this case really does apply

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.50: The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past (Epitaph)

Okay so it's a little late into 2013 for my top 50 of 2012 to start but you have to make sure you're definite with these things, especially when you're as obsessive as me, anyway starting at number 50 is this amazing album by The Menzingers. It hardly surprises me that this is on Epitaph who even after 32 years are still releasing quality albums like this, storming from the start with 'Good Things' rammed with more bite and energy than most bands of this ilk manage in an entire album. What makes this album so special is the mixture of old school punkrock with emoesque lyrics and i mean old school good emo not the shite that masquerades as it these days, all beaten home with huge memorable choruses. At times i get a Rival Schools vibe when listening to this but without sounding anything like them, just the unique style and passion that i've barely heard since 'United By Fate' you really can't compare The Menzingers to anyone else to be fair as they exist in a world of their own, all you can say is they should be much bigger than they are and you can only see better things coming their way. I'd love to pick you a few songs to listen to but instead i'll just say this album deserves more than that, it deserves being bought and listened to on repeat, beautiful, beautiful stuff.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Belated Valentiines

Finally the UK is getting some proper releases from Australian all girl outfit Valentiine, Integrity records already released their single 'Love Like' and 2nd Uk single 'Chucky' is due 17th June.

The UK version of the album is currently due on 1st July with extra tracks 'Chucky' and 'Animal'

1. Love Like
2. Chucky
3. Birthday
4. Finch
5. When You Want
6. Hates Me
7. Never Forget You
8. Animal
9. Better for Me
10. Kick It
11. Today's Tomorrow

And as always TOUR DATES!!!!!

Huw Costin to release 2nd Solo album on June 10th

Very excitied to hear about this, Huw Costin (Torn Sail, Earth The Californian Love Dream, Smith & Mudd) will be releasing his 2nd Solo Album 'Something/Nothing' on June 10th

This is the follow up to the sublime 'Regrets' debut, anybody who likes singer/songwriter stuff with heaps of darkness but still with enough melody to keep your head above those storm clouds will love this, now if we can only get him to do that album Earth The Californian Love Dream promised before disbanding and the world will be a better place.

Pre-order a signed copy for here:

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Crooked Ways 2013: Festivaling On A Budget

Like me a lot of you probably like going to see bands and going to festivals, if not you’re looking at the wrong website, please leave!

Also like me you’re probably sick of the prices of the ‘BIG’ festivals like Leeds, Download, and Glastonbury. You may have noticed that at these fests the crowds have changed over the years, granted it was 16 years ago i started going, but you had way fewer tossers at them back then.

So where do we go from here, well there’s a few alternatives these days, next year I intend to check out Y Not Festival which looks pretty decent, or if you like your metal extremely heavy there’s Bloodstock, or Bingley Music Live looks good this year. On top of that you have your alldayers like ‘Live At Leeds’ or ‘Long Division’ or ‘Dot To Dot’. There's even indoor festivals like ‘Slam Dunk’, ‘Ghostfest’, or the insanely heavy ‘Damnation Festival’ or the other hundred or so that seem to springing up these days, all at a fraction of the price of a day ticket to one of the big 3. But for now I’m going to concentrate on the super budgeted ‘Crooked Ways’ festival cos it is cheap, it’s got a great line-up of bands and it’s in my old stomping ground of Pontefract.

Tickets can be picked up for as cheap as £35 for the day without booking fees at local That’s Entertainment shops and other locations listed below. I went to Crooked Ways last year and maybe it was the weather or the insane amount of beers I drank but it was an amazing day, highlights included ‘Wet Nuns’, ‘The Sunshine Underground’ ‘The Bishops’, ‘Awooga’, and ‘Razorlight’ this year though promises to be a different beast entirely, with even more great up and coming bands mixed with some higher profile main stage acts.

So why should you pick Crooked Ways over Leeds Festival, well first there’s the cost thing, then there’s the people thing, then there’s the FACT that people from that area of Yorkshire are officially the best people in the world, and finally if like me you’re sick of the same old bands at the festival every year there’s a multitude of bands to check out at Crooked Ways, this year I highly recommend ‘Mallory Knox’ ‘The Enemy’, ‘Frankie & The Heartstrings’, ‘Dinosaur Pile-Up’, ‘Sam Forrest’, ‘Max Raptor’ plus many more that I know are worth checking out. But even better is to just check out bands in between these and discover something new.

So if you’re not convinced yet, just think of how much beer you can drink when you haven’t spent £97 on a single day ticket, it’s easily 15 beers!!!! If that doesn’t convince you, join the other twats at Bramham.

Tickets from:

Ticket Outlets:
Bridge Arts, Sagar Street, Castleford, WF10 1AF
That’s Entertainment, Junction 32 Outlet Village, Tomahawk Trail, Glasshoughton, Castleford, WF10 4FR
That’s Entertainment, 21–27a St Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1TD
That’s Entertainment, Unit 20a, Lakeside Village, White Rose Way, Doncaster, DN4 5PH
That’s Entertainment, 61–63 New Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2BQ
Crash Records, 35 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PU
That’s Entertainment, Unit 17, St John Centre, Leeds, LS2 8LQ
Seen and Heard, Horsefair House, Horsefair, Pontefract, WF8 1RJ
That’s Entertainment, Unit 31, Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre, Sheffield, S20 7PN
That’s Entertainment, Unit 105-106, Cathedral Walk, Ridings Shopping Centre, WF1 1YD
Wakefield Tourist Information, 9 The Bull Ring, Wakefield, WF1 1HB
That’s Entertainment, Unit 203, York Designer Outlet, St Nicholas Avenue, Fulford, York, YO19 4TA

Dillinger Escape Plan UK Tour

The Dillinger boys are headed this way for a full UK tour, and another Leeds gig is in there, getting to be a few too many Leeds gigs, which doesn't really make sense but there you go

09/25 Bordeaux, FRA – Krakatoa
09/26 Toulouse, FRA – La Dynamo
09/27 Clermont-Ferrand, FRA – La Cooperative De Mai
09/28 Paris, FRA – Le Divon Du Monde
09/29 Lyon, FRA – Le Transbordeur
09/30 Zurich, CHE – Komplex
10/02 Karlsruhe, GER – Substage
10/03 Munich, GER – Strom
10/05 Zagreb, CRO – Tvornica Kulture
10/06 Budapest, HUN – A38
10/08 Bratislava, SLO – Randall
10/10 Prague, CZE – Rock Cafe
10/11 Ostrava, CZE – Barrak Club
10/15 Templin, GER – Conne Island
10/16 Berlin, GER – Lido
10/17 Copenhagan, DEN – Pumpehuset
10/20 Oslo, NOR – Parkteatren
10/22 Arhus, DEN – Vox Hall
10/23 Hamburg, GER – Knust
10/26 Amsterdam, NET – Melkweg
10/27 Nijmegen, NET – Doornroosje
10/29 Den Haag, NET – Paard Kz
10/30 Antwerp, BEL – Trix
10/31 Brighton, UK – Concorde 2
11/01 Cardiff, UK – Solus
11/02 Leeds, UK – The Cockpit
11/04 Aberdeen, UK – Aberdeen Garage
11/05 Glasgow, UK – Glasgow Garage
11/06 Manchester, UK – Academy 2
11/07 Wolverhampton, UK – Slade Rooms
11/08 London, UK – Koko
11/09 Nottingham, UK – Rock City

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Currently listening to... Wet Nuns

Brutal as fuck blues punkrock, get it from:

best £1.29 you could ever spend

Fuck Me! Six by Seven/Chris Olley Gigs

Monday, July 22
Club Ifor Bach Cardiff

Tuesday, July 23
Bristol Louisanna

Wednesday, July 24
London Lexington
Lexington: London

Thursday, July 25
Exeter Cavern Club
Cavern Club

Friday, July 26
Manchester Soundcontrol
Soundcontrol : Manchester

Saturday, July 27
Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Rescue Rooms: Nottingham

Sunday, July 28
Leeds Brudenell Social Club
Brudenell Social Club : Leeds

Saturday, August 3
TWELVE @ Klub Motorik
Expect to see me at the Leeds gig

Other tickets links at:


Over 9000 views so far!!!!!!

Who knew that many people/machines might give a fuck about a word that pops into my head, once it hits 10,000 i'll do something special, possibly illegal, might be the first ever Happy Days Music radio show or something in that vein, free to download without any bands permissions, expect to hear music bands that can't afford to sue such as Baby Godzilla, God Damn, Drenge, Hey! Hello!, Hawk Eyes, and fucktons more

Letlive European Tour Dates

Awesome news, one the best bands and best live bands ever will be doing their own headlining European tour in September/October and there's a Leeds date, expect to see me there.

09/18 Amsterdam, NET – Melkweg
09/19 Antwerp, BEL – Trix
09/20 Stuttgart, GER – Juha West
09/21 Schweinfurt, GER – Stadbahnhof
09/22 Munich, GER – Backstage Club
09/23 Vienna, AUT – Arena 3 Raum Bar
09/25 Prague, CZE – 007
09/26 Wiesbaden, GER – Raucherkammer
09/27 Leipzig, GER – Conne Island
09/28 Berlin, GER – Crystal
09/30 Hamburg, GER – Headcrash
10/01 Paris, FRA – La Maroquinerie
10/02 Cologne, GER – Underground
10/03 Bristol, UK – Fleece
10/04 Southampton, UK – Talking Heads
10/05 Birmingham, UK – Asylum
10/06 Leeds, UK – Cockpit
10/07 Newcastle, UK – Warehouse 34
10/09 Manchester, UK – Nq Live
10/10 Belfast, IRE – Limelight
10/11 Dublin, IRE – Fibber Magees
10/12 Glasgow, UK – King Tuts
10/14 Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
10/15 Cardiff, UK – Clwb Ifor Bach
10/17 London, UK – Underworld

With a new album due in the summer expect to hear this bands name a lot!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Various News Tidbits

Hank III aka Hank Williams III has another 2 albums in the works, one is the country ‘Brothers Of The 4x4’ record and a Hellbilly Punk album called ‘A Fiendish Threat’ both of which have no release date as yet but both will obviously be awesome as almost everything that man releases is class

Max Raptor have hinted that they intend to release a new album at some point in 2013 unfortunately this is all I know at present but very interested to hear more

GOD DAMN have a new cassette EP ‘Heavy Money’ due on June 17th or free download, I’ll update and likely review this at the time.

Dinosaur Pile-Up have had their new album delayed by a month or so which sucks cos it’s going to be insanely good

Monday, 13 May 2013

Live Review – Eureka Machines / The Scaramanga Six / Buzzkill / The Reacharounds – Brudenell Social Club 11th May 2013

Much to be excited about here, unfortunately no pics but in future I will try and include some. Since becoming a dad I’ve had to start picking and choosing my gigs a bit more carefully, can’t go to as many so I have to make sure I pick ones worth going to, and Eureka Machines at the Brudenell for around a fiver falls under definitely worth it. Opening up was the replacement for Crybabycry who called in sick were The Reacharounds, awesome name, unfortunately average band, not rubbish or anything but it just didn’t seem to work, like the singer was playing indie rock and and the band were playing Lynyrd Skynyrd covers. Next up was the return of Buzzkill one of Leeds finest punk rock bands playing their first gig in 5 years, and playing like they haven’t been gone a day blasting good old tunes like ‘Dog On A Leash’ here’s hoping this wasn’t a one off and we can expect new material from them soon. 3rd on the bill was the Scaramanga Six, still hammering it out after all this time, but maybe times got the better of them as tonight's performance just seemed to be missing their usual fun and energy and felt a little dull in parts. Finally following a false start Chris Catalyst and his band of merry men burst out kicking off with ‘Champion The Underdog’, ‘Pop Star’ and various other power pop nuggets including top tune 'These Are The People Who Live In My House'. Seeing this band live really is a full blown riot of fun and singalongable tunes with massive hooks and choruses to die for, how they’re not much bigger by now escapes me, and the fact they almost called it a day before a last dig with their amazing new pledge album 'Remain In Hope'. So for now be thankful they’re still going, go on, be thankful!!! and cheesily remain in hope for their future.
1. Champion The Underdog
2. Pop Star
3. The Story of My Life
4. Affluenza
5. These Are The People Who Live In My House
6. None Of The Above
7. Love Yourself
8. (I'm) Wasting My Time (Yet Again)
9. The One Who Wouldn't Change You
10. Yeah, I Feel Lucky
11. Being Good Is Okay (But Being Better's Better)
12. Zero Hero

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pledge – A New Way Of Life

Is Pledge Music a new way of life, maybe not entirely but it sure as hell can be a better alternative for a band. Just to clarify for some people what pledge music is; Pledge Music allows an artist to set a goal that they need to make an album or ep or whatever they’re after, they then ask their fans to help fund this project and in return you can receive all manner of things from mp3 downloads to signed cd’s to chances to meet your favourite bands, all good so far. If a band fails to meet their target in the allotted time then unfortunately said project never comes to fruition and no-one loses any money. Now the biggest argument against Pledge is you really must have ‘fans’ for it work, well duh of course you do, random people aren’t just going to help you record an album out of the kindness of their hearts.

So you must really be already a touring band who possibly have put out something in the past, but if you haven’t managed to even press your own EP even if it’s handmade go fuck off now because you’re obviously in this for a free ride and aren’t willing to work at this music business lark, yeah sure you can get yourself a deal somewhere if your good enough, but said deals cost you more as an artist than some people can handle, so here’s an alternative; Pledge

Many bands on pledge also reward their fans with extras so far I have had the following:
Bonus tracks from Ginger Wildheart and pre-sale ticket links to shows
An extra cd single thrown in from Ginger Wildheart
A live album and download of the second ‘This Is Menace’ album from Earthtone9
Bonus tracks from Earthtone9
A bonus EP from Red Kite
A bonus albums worth of songs and an acoustic album from Eureka Machines

So that’s pretty much all you need to know, get pledging!!!

Top Pledges so Far:
Ginger Wildheart – 555% triple album

Mutation – The Frankenstein Effect

Mutation – Error 500

Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello!

Earthtone9 – For Cause & Consequence EP

Earthtone9 – IV

The Chapman Family – Cruel Britannia EP

Black Spiders – This Savage Land
Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is EP
Red Kite – Songs For Crow

Eureka Machines – Remain In Hope

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Band Of The Weekish: The Computers

I like bands like The Computers, I also happen to like the band The Computers, In which I mean I like bands that are constant and don’t spend forever until they put some more music out, even if it’s just a mini-album of Misfits covers, bang it out there, give people something to listen to, don’t for fucksake take a rest, you’ve got time later on to take a rest. Like these NME bands of the week who release and album and fuck off for 6-7 years creating their next masterpiece, which turns out to surprise surprise be a steaming pile of shite, no I prefer my bands prolific and in this case fast and catchy

I recommend the new album ‘Love Triangles Hate Squares’ it has a real 50’s rock’n’roll vibe, Happy Days are indeed here again

Band Profile:
Can't find


2007 - Track Four (Freakscene)
1 Track Four   
2 Is It Just Me?

2008 - You Can't Hide From The Computers (Fierce Panda)
1 Teenage Tourettes Camp   
2 Love The Music, Hate The Kids   
3 Must Try Harder   
4 SOS   
5 Please Drink Responsibly   
6 Hell Yeah   
7 City Ghosts

2009 - Teenage Tourettes Camp (Freakscene)
A Teenage Tourettes Camp   
B1 Welcome to the Working Week   
B2 Rebel Girl

2011 - This Is The Computers (One Little Indian)
01 Where Do I Fit In?  1:14  
02 Lovers Lovers Lovers  2:14  
03 Blood Is Thicker  1:49  
04 Hot Damnocles  2:20  
05 Cinco De Mayo  2:16  
06 Rhythm Revue  2:14  
07 Group Identity  2:43  
08 I've Got What It Takes (Part 3)  2:45  
09 Yeah Yeah Yeah  2:07  
10 The Queen In 3D  2:16  
11 Music Is Dead  2:25 

2011 - Group Identity (One Little Indian)
A1  Group Identity   
B1  Train In Vain 

2011 - Rhythm Revue / Surfin' Bird (One Little Indian)
A Rhythm Revue (Single Version)   
B Surfin' Bird

2011 - Music Is Dead (One Little Indian)
A Music is Dead   
B Burning Love

2011 - Split CD w/ Gay For Johnny Depp (No Label)
1 Gay For Johnny Depp –  Hot Damocles  2:43  
2 Computers, The –  Pink Flag  2:24 

2012 - We Are Misfits (One Little Indian)
1  Halloween   
2  Attitude   
3  Hybrid Moments   
4  Scream   
5  Some Kind Of Hate   
6  Where Eagles Dare   
7  Last Caress

2012 - A Real Testimonial (One Little Indian)
A  A Real Testimonial

2013 - Disco Sucks (one Little Indian)
A  Disco Sucks   
B  Tell Me Something I Don't Know 

2013 - Love Triangles Hate Squares (One Little Indian)
01 Bring Me The Head Of A Hipster   
02 Love Triangles, Hate Squares   
03 Mr. Saturday Night   
04 Nothing To Say   
05 C.R.U.E.L.   
06 Disco Sucks   
07 Selina Chinese   
08 Point Of Interest   
09 Sex Texts   
10 Call On You!   
11 Single Beds 

Official Band Biography:
Can't find one

Tour Dates:
7 May – HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks University
8 May – LONDON, The 100 Club
9 May – SHEFFIELD, The Harley
10 May – CARLISLE, The Brickyard
11 May – MANCHESTER, The Deaf Institute
14 May – TRURO, B-Side @ Bunters
15 May – WEYMOUTH, Finns
16 May – SOUTHAMPTON, The Soul Cellar
21 May – NORWICH, The Waterfront Studio
22 May – LEICESTER, The Soundhouse
23 May – BIRMINGHAM, The Rainbow
24 May – CHESTER, The Compass
25 May – CARMARTHEN, Parrot Bar
27 May – CAMBRIDGE, The Portland Arms
28 May – BRISTOL, The Exchange
29 May – NOTTINGHAM, Red Room
30 May – GLASGOW, Broadcast
31 May – LIVERPOOL, Mello Mello
1 June – HANTS, West End Centre


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Red Kite - Songs For Crow 2013

Red Kite – Songs For Crow (Pledge)
Sometimes you just have to take a chance, messing about on the pledge music site (more on this to come later) I came across a band name I liked ‘Red Kite’ maybe it’s because they’ve been re-introduced where I live and I like watching them circling around the house but I decided to find out more about them, ex-Cooper Temple Clause, good sign, then I listened to debut single ‘Montreal’ and something about it just struck me and I decided to pledge to help the band make their album. Something told me they had an album in them worth listening to, worth being out there, worth the gamble, I’m not usually a gambling man but in this case it paid off. Now generally this isn’t my kind of music so much, I do like the odd intricate songs but overall I like faster stuff that gets the heart racing, but the opening trio of songs on here ‘The Gathering Storm’, ‘Montreal’ and ‘Streetlights’ set the tone for one hell of a chill out album, and not a chill out and ignore thing, but a chill out and listen to every word, this is some deep music and I’m so glad I decided to be a part of it.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Wildhearts – Earth Vs The Wildhearts Round 2

Yes, Yes, and more Yes, after the debacle that was me not being able to attend the Manchester show on the first leg of this tour, I now have a ticket for the Leeds show, closer to home and on a Sunday night to-boot, support is coming once again from Eureka Machines and BABY GODZILLA!!! Shit is gonna get fucked up!!!