Saturday, 4 May 2013

Red Kite - Songs For Crow 2013

Red Kite – Songs For Crow (Pledge)
Sometimes you just have to take a chance, messing about on the pledge music site (more on this to come later) I came across a band name I liked ‘Red Kite’ maybe it’s because they’ve been re-introduced where I live and I like watching them circling around the house but I decided to find out more about them, ex-Cooper Temple Clause, good sign, then I listened to debut single ‘Montreal’ and something about it just struck me and I decided to pledge to help the band make their album. Something told me they had an album in them worth listening to, worth being out there, worth the gamble, I’m not usually a gambling man but in this case it paid off. Now generally this isn’t my kind of music so much, I do like the odd intricate songs but overall I like faster stuff that gets the heart racing, but the opening trio of songs on here ‘The Gathering Storm’, ‘Montreal’ and ‘Streetlights’ set the tone for one hell of a chill out album, and not a chill out and ignore thing, but a chill out and listen to every word, this is some deep music and I’m so glad I decided to be a part of it.

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