Monday, 13 May 2013

Live Review – Eureka Machines / The Scaramanga Six / Buzzkill / The Reacharounds – Brudenell Social Club 11th May 2013

Much to be excited about here, unfortunately no pics but in future I will try and include some. Since becoming a dad I’ve had to start picking and choosing my gigs a bit more carefully, can’t go to as many so I have to make sure I pick ones worth going to, and Eureka Machines at the Brudenell for around a fiver falls under definitely worth it. Opening up was the replacement for Crybabycry who called in sick were The Reacharounds, awesome name, unfortunately average band, not rubbish or anything but it just didn’t seem to work, like the singer was playing indie rock and and the band were playing Lynyrd Skynyrd covers. Next up was the return of Buzzkill one of Leeds finest punk rock bands playing their first gig in 5 years, and playing like they haven’t been gone a day blasting good old tunes like ‘Dog On A Leash’ here’s hoping this wasn’t a one off and we can expect new material from them soon. 3rd on the bill was the Scaramanga Six, still hammering it out after all this time, but maybe times got the better of them as tonight's performance just seemed to be missing their usual fun and energy and felt a little dull in parts. Finally following a false start Chris Catalyst and his band of merry men burst out kicking off with ‘Champion The Underdog’, ‘Pop Star’ and various other power pop nuggets including top tune 'These Are The People Who Live In My House'. Seeing this band live really is a full blown riot of fun and singalongable tunes with massive hooks and choruses to die for, how they’re not much bigger by now escapes me, and the fact they almost called it a day before a last dig with their amazing new pledge album 'Remain In Hope'. So for now be thankful they’re still going, go on, be thankful!!! and cheesily remain in hope for their future.
1. Champion The Underdog
2. Pop Star
3. The Story of My Life
4. Affluenza
5. These Are The People Who Live In My House
6. None Of The Above
7. Love Yourself
8. (I'm) Wasting My Time (Yet Again)
9. The One Who Wouldn't Change You
10. Yeah, I Feel Lucky
11. Being Good Is Okay (But Being Better's Better)
12. Zero Hero

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