Sunday, 26 May 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.48: Disappears - Pre Language (Kranky)

Bit of a surprise this one, having been a huge 90 Day Men fan, especially of their early work, when Brian Case's vocals were bitter and spat out with venom, for a classic example of this see their twisted classic '(It (Is) It) Critical Band', anyway i digress. Over 5 years ago 90 Day Men called it quits and went their separate ways and were much missed, fast forward to 2012 and i'm messing about looking to see if any bands i used to like are doing new projects and i come across Disappears featuring Brian Case. Not only have they just put an album out but it's their 3rd proper album, naturally i picked it up asap and was quite knocked back by the new style, same venom spitted vocals but this time over an almost Joy Division backing, naturally i'm going to like this as i also fucking love Joy Division. One thing that does need to be pointed out is that like 90 Day Men, Disappears are an acquired taste, you won't find powerful choruses, some bits you can barely sing along to, but not all bands are to be enjoyed in that way, some like Disappears are here to mesmerise and enthral you. Throwing out twisting rhythms, through repetetive grooves, at times drenched in reverbed noise and shot through with Brian's laid back drawl, best surprise of the year!

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