Friday, 24 May 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.49: Hildamay - Miles Away (Wolf At Your Door)

Another stormer of an album this time from sort of newcomers Hildamay, another brilliant signing from the excellent ‘Wolf At Your Door’ stable. Comparisons have been made to Hot Water Music and with the gruff vocals you can see why, but this album is a much heavier beast bringing to mind bands like Quicksand, Helmet and even at times early 3 Colours Red, but still maintaining a sound of their own. Hildamay are typical of what’s making UK rock bands so exciting at the moment, they join bands like Drenge, God Damn, Baby Godzilla and labelmates Mallory Knox in creating something new and interesting, and something to answer people who say there’s no good new bands these days, there are, you just have to look around for them. Miles Away bursts through the gates with ‘The Dark’ and ‘The Light’ and doesn’t relent for 12 tracks of blistering straight up rock. Now go out and do your bit for new bands and get yourself a copy.

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