Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pledge – A New Way Of Life

Is Pledge Music a new way of life, maybe not entirely but it sure as hell can be a better alternative for a band. Just to clarify for some people what pledge music is; Pledge Music allows an artist to set a goal that they need to make an album or ep or whatever they’re after, they then ask their fans to help fund this project and in return you can receive all manner of things from mp3 downloads to signed cd’s to chances to meet your favourite bands, all good so far. If a band fails to meet their target in the allotted time then unfortunately said project never comes to fruition and no-one loses any money. Now the biggest argument against Pledge is you really must have ‘fans’ for it work, well duh of course you do, random people aren’t just going to help you record an album out of the kindness of their hearts.

So you must really be already a touring band who possibly have put out something in the past, but if you haven’t managed to even press your own EP even if it’s handmade go fuck off now because you’re obviously in this for a free ride and aren’t willing to work at this music business lark, yeah sure you can get yourself a deal somewhere if your good enough, but said deals cost you more as an artist than some people can handle, so here’s an alternative; Pledge

Many bands on pledge also reward their fans with extras so far I have had the following:
Bonus tracks from Ginger Wildheart and pre-sale ticket links to shows
An extra cd single thrown in from Ginger Wildheart
A live album and download of the second ‘This Is Menace’ album from Earthtone9
Bonus tracks from Earthtone9
A bonus EP from Red Kite
A bonus albums worth of songs and an acoustic album from Eureka Machines

So that’s pretty much all you need to know, get pledging!!!

Top Pledges so Far:
Ginger Wildheart – 555% triple album

Mutation – The Frankenstein Effect

Mutation – Error 500

Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello!

Earthtone9 – For Cause & Consequence EP

Earthtone9 – IV

The Chapman Family – Cruel Britannia EP

Black Spiders – This Savage Land
Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is EP
Red Kite – Songs For Crow

Eureka Machines – Remain In Hope

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