Thursday, 25 April 2013

Band Of The Weekish: GOD DAMN

Coming up alongside previous band of the weekish Baby Godzilla, are the just as insane GOD DAMN, dirty great riffs, relentless hammering drumming, all thrown together with melodic shouting vocals and almost psychedelic elements, it's like listening to all your favourite dirty rock bands at once with volume cranked up to 11. Still not managed to catch this band live yet, but believe me i intend to based on what i've heard, Tour dates coming are printed below, catch them while their still playing toilets.

There's quite a few releases to check out below and some for free, i hear they've got another ep soon also.

Band Profile:
Thom - Guitar/Vox
Dave - Guitar/Vox
Ash - Drums


2012 - Demonstration Tape (Distorted Tapes)

1. God Damn
2. Beggar Boy
3. In Heaven (Theme From Eraserhead)
4. Way Down
5. Will You Be My Friend
6. Wigger
7. Half Soaked Shuffle
8. Men At Work
9. How To Behave
10. Barbouche Chop

2012 - God Damn 7" (Distorted Tapes)

1. God Damn
2. How To Behave

2013 - I'm A Lazer, You're A Radar EP

1. I'm A Lazer, You're A Radar
2. Dead On The Wall
3. Fought In The Mirror
4. Double Negative

Official Band Biography:
Can't find one

Tour Dates:
May 16th - London, Macbeth
May 17th - Birmingham, Adam & Eve
May 25th - West Bromwich, Now We Are Weekender
May 30th - Norwich, Arts Centre
June 7th - Leeds, Santiagos
June 12th - London, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
June 26th - Bristol, Fleece
June 29th - Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge
July 2nd - Leicester, Cookie Jar
July 19th - Stoke, Sugarmill
July 21st - Sheffield, Tramlines
July 27th Redhill, Redfest


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