Monday, 24 September 2012

Around The World In 80 Bands: Day 1: United Kingdom: The Cribs

What better way to waste time than spend a metaphorical 80 day trip around the world seeing a band in a different country on the way, but that’s insane isn’t it, almost impossible to be that mentalish to even try such a feat. Nah it’ll be fun, let’s try it anyway!
Day 1: United Kingdom: The Cribs

So Day 1, before we jet set off from this merry old isle, we’ll have to catch a quintessential English band, by quintessential I mean a band from Oop North where I live, so what better band to catch than The Cribs. Not only are they one of the most awesome live bands ever, every song they do it crammed full of wit and melody. This literal band of brothers have been going for 10 years now releasing 5 amazing albums, 2 of which made it into my own 1001 albums you must hear before you die. Cos I’m sad I’ll even make up a setlist for this made up gig:

Our Bovine Public / You Were Always the One / Cheat On Me / I'm a Realist / Chi-Town / Hey Scenesters! / Things Aren't Gonna Change / Martell / I've Tried Everything / Men's Needs / Another Number / Come On, Be A No-One / You're Gonna Lose Us / Mirror Kissers / Don't You Wanna Be Relevant? / Moving Pictures / It Was Only Love / We Share The Same Skies / Baby Don't Sweat / The Wrong Way to Be

And there’s still tons of other songs they should play, realistically any Cribs gig should be at least 30 songs long.

See you tomorrow in Norway

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