Sunday, 13 January 2013

Band Of The Week: XII Boar

3rd band of the week (after a weeks break due to illness) goes to XII Boar, I don't even know that much about this band as i can never find any kind of bio etc.. All i do know is that last year their debut self titled EP was put out to download for free and i decided to give it a chance, i was not disappointed. The first EP storms through just over 15 minutes of extremely fuzzy heavy as fuck stoner rock, productions a little murky but it made me keep an eye out for any future releases.
Earlier this year i did another search to see if anything else had been released and found the 'Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof' EP again to download for free!! I was expecting the new EP to be good, but it turns out they've spent the last year perfecting their craft and this is seriously one of the best EP's i've heard from a band in a long while. Everything is an improvement on last years already promising release, better production, better tunes, and the technical ability has come on leaps and bounds.

Fingers crossed in the near future we'll get a full length and the band will make it a bit further oop North for a gig.

Check out this band and if you like them buy the EP's from their cartel.

Band Profile:
Tommy Hardrocks - Guitar/Vocals
Adam Thomas - Bass/Backing Vocals
David Wilbraham
- Drums

2011 - XII Boar EP (Self-Released)
1  Train Wreck
2  Beg, Borrow, Steal
3  Sludge
4  S.K.O.L.

2012 - Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof EP (Self-Released)
1  Smokin' Bones
2  Hellspeed Viper
3  Slamhound
4  Triclops

Official Band Biography:
Can't find one

Band website:
Bandcamp page:
Big Cartel page:
Facebook page:

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