Sunday, 3 February 2013

Super Luxury - Mystery Thriller Teen Drama

Super Luxury - Mystery Thriller Teen Drama (Self-Released) (2012)
First band to get in touch and ask me to listen to their stuff so i'm quite honoured, plus they're local lads from Leeds which can't hurt. The music? Bloody interesting actually, i was expecting the first band like this i had to review to be awful and it would be really awkward to write a middle of the road review without saying things along the line of this is shit. Luckily for me Super Luxury kick out some dirty scuzz-rock in line with my old friends and favourites Kill Yourself, very angular style of playing darting into multiple directions at once. As a fan of old Amphetamine Reptile bands i see much to love in this band especially considering this looks to be their first release and they're releasing it on cassette (always good), any criticisms, yeah the production could be louder, looking forward to hearing more from these guys in future.
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