Friday, 2 May 2014

NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Buildings - It Doesn't Matter EP (Riot House Records)

I've been a fan since these guys were recommended by excellent blog The Elementary Revolt when their last album came out, so when i heard Buildings were putting out a new EP i had to hear it. Coming across like early-Helmet when they were full of rage, Buildings would have been right at home on Amphetamine Reptile, they are noise rock of the highest order. Barked vocals over heavy as fuck riffs 'Gold' surpasses everything they've done before including 2011's excellent 'Melt, Cry, Sleep'. This is one of my favourite EP's lately, up there with the new GVSB and that's saying something, both stand as a collection of outstanding rock songs that leave you wishing it was a full album, which is surely the point of an EP. If there was more music like this on the radio i might actually give it more of a listen, wishing we could bring back the days of John Peel where this band and many others would have been played regularly. So if your missing the good old days of Helmet, Jesus Lizard, Shellac etc.. Buildings are for you, Brutally brilliant stuff.


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