Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Orwells - Disgraceland (Review)

Having got into The Orwells towards the end of last year with the excellent ‘Who Needs You’ EP, I was eagerly awaiting their new full-length, because as I always say I’d rather hear a band play something traditional but with energy and passion than listen to Alt-J fart on a snare-drum, meaning The Orwells aren’t re-inventing any wheels but why should they? The wheel’s fucking amazing and if you make a good one it works, who needs a ∆ shaped wheel??? So onto the record spinning in front of me (see that analogy I did there), 4 years into their band and their 4th album, takes me back to the good old days when bands didn’t spend 3 plus years recording their masterpiece (sic) and just banged out good old dirty rock ’n roll music with youthful abandon, so much so that some of these songs were written while still in school. From start the finish this album doesn’t let up with sheer bristling energy and huge sing along choruses, comparisons can easily be drawn to Black Lips, especially their ‘Good Bad Not Evil’ album in that both are outstanding unpolished scuzzy garage rock records. Already an outstanding live band, The Orwells have finally managed to capture that melee onto record, and with huge songs like ‘Dirty Sheets’ and ‘The Righteous One’ alongside the previously mentioned stormer ‘Who Needs You’ the future looks nothing but bright for these young noiseniks.


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