Friday, 29 August 2014

Knuckle - This Week's Been Hell (Review)

Now this I’ve been waiting to hear, having caught Knuckle a few times live and hearing their excellent debut single ‘Living Hell’, I’ve been looking forward to something meatier to listen to, and it really is worth the wait. ‘This Week’s Been Hell’ kicks off with an intro of the ‘Knuckle Shuffle’ and then there are five songs to follow, not that the words five and knuckle shuffle such cause any mirth? But onto the actual music, ‘Apocalyptic Kiss’ kicks things off in fine style, having already ripped the live audio from a youtube video I was already familiar with this beast of a song, which immediately shows that Knuckle are a different beast to Mr. Firth’s other projects, sure there’s a slight blues element but these songs are more rooted in classic Zeppelinesque rock and traditional rock’n’roll. ‘Hand Grenade For A Heart’ and ‘Ejector Seat’ showcase how easily Knuckle can craft top tunes that resonate in your head almost immediately, and go to show that along with similar two piece bands like Royal Blood and Dolomite Minor, Knuckle can easily hold their own. Finishing off with the previously high rated ‘Living Hell’ the only downside to this release is it’s brevity, everyone needs more Knuckle.


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