Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Top 50 Records Of 2017 Pt. 6 (40 & 39)

Album No. 40 (Left Lane Cruiser - Claw Machine Wizard)

Ashamed to admit but i'm a little late to the Left Lane Cruiser party, about 10 years late by the looks of it, nevermind, i'm here now and bouncing around like a motherfucker to their blues soaked rocking tunes, vocals remind me a little of Neil Fallon, which is obviously a good thing, your choice between black or try digging out the limited to 200 Starburst vinyl, yes i said starburst, it looks as good as it sounds.

Single / EP No. 40 (Baby Shakes - Turn It Up 7")

A six year break seems to have been just what Baby Shakes needed, returning in 2015 with the excellent 'Starry Eyes' and bettering that furthermore this year with the 'Turn It Up' this 7" is one of the best tracks on the Garagy powerpoppery spectrum and amazing b-side to boot, available in black, red and blue.

Album No. 39 (Bully - Losing)

Bully have upped the ante this time, 2015's 'Feels Like' was a good album that hinted at a band full of promise, Sub Pop obviously felt the same way and snapped them up, not surprising considering that they have a sound that harks back to some of the label's finer moments, 'Losing' definitely is a huge improvement and shows the band developing into a formidable beast, if you like stuff like Hole, Bikini Kill, Babes etc.. you'll love this, as it's on Sub Pop you get a variety of colours to choose from, go with Turquoise.

Single  / EP No. 39 (Shame - Tasteless / Visa Vulture 7")

Spending most of the year on a seemingly never-ending tour must have done wonders for Shame, they are one of the most formidable live acts in the UK at the moment which proves that just playing constantly works. Tasteless and Visa Vulture showcase whats is so good about this intense punkyish band, they're pretty hard to define, just check them out.

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