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First ever band of the week, and it really has to go to these crazy bastards. I first saw them supporting Ginger Wildheart at York, Duchess in June this year, they spent more time in the crowd playing than they did onstage which instantly made me like them. After watching one of the most chaotic shows i've ever seen and i was there for the early The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg shows which were insane to say the least i had to pick up a copy of their new album 'Oche'. Again similar to the first Murder Of 7" the mini-album is just as chaotic as the live shows but what makes it so much better is the moments of singalong and dare i say it almost melody, especially lead-off single 'Powerboat Disaster' which is also available in a classy cassette tape single which really takes me back.

Considering the amount of screamy riff heavy bands around these days, Baby Godzilla manage to set themselves apart from the pack with their oodles of personality, it's rare these days to see a support band and really want to go see one of their own shows in future (You just have to play some more in Leeds now guys), Here's a few live pics to give you a rough idea of their show

And the below are from a Leeds gig i can't believe i missed at Santiago's Bar, although having seen Zico Chain there i don't recommend ever going to the toilets (you can actually taste the mold in there) It is however a class bar for going to see a band in otherwise

Now for all the band profile bumff;

Band Members:

Matt Butch Reynolds -
Paul Shelley -
Tom Marsh -
Jonny Hall -


2012 - Oche (I'm Not From London Records)
1. At the Oche 01:20
2. Power Boat Disaster 04:08
3. Thotty 04:35
4. The Gleiwitz Incident 01:59
5. Braille For An Axeman 03:27
6. Dave Lankester 02:53
7. The Three Legged Race.Ist 06:46

2011 - Powerboat Disaster CS (I'm Not From London Records)

1. Power Boat Disaster 04:15
2. Try Hard or Die Hard 03:55

2010 - NPAG EP (Self Released)

1. The Disenchantment Boogie 03:07
2. Streamline Feline 04:00
3. We Dine On Wine & Parking Fines 03:41
4. (You're Not a Love) You're An Addiction 05:10

Official Band Biography:

Baby Godzilla are a bunch of overly-energetic, slouching, blues-hunched over-underachievers who specialise in their own unique blend of loud, sweaty, voracious and shouty psycho-blues and are already known for their extraordinarily intense live shows. The band recently signed to the English independent record label ‘I’m Not From London Records’ and have recently released their first single, ‘Power Boat Disaster’. They have also recently finished recording the follow up to their 2010 EP ‘NPAG’, which will be launched on New Year’s Eve, at the INFL/LeftLion gig at The Maze, Nottingham.

Formed just after a year ago, the band have already played with the likes of Fucked Up and The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster and impressed on the stages of two of the country’s most auspicious venues (Rock City and The Rescue Rooms), not to mention an explosive opening slot at this years Dot to Dot. They have also headlined festivals in their hometown of Nottingham, such as the INFLUX Waterfront Festival and the now infamous Hockley Hustle. Baby Godzilla are certainly a band that is forging an impressive reputation for being as dedicated as they are unpredictable.


Bandcamp page
(NPAG is available free to download here)
Big Cartel page
(Everthing they have for sale - WARNING naked band members on this page)
Myspazz page
(Does anyone use these now?)
Facebook page
(Lots of good stuff here)
Label page
(Lots more good stuff here)

So if you have to check out one mental band this week make it:

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