Thursday, 16 August 2012

Free Shit

For people out there who are a bit squeamish about downloading musical illegally here's a little antidote, actual free music!!!!!!!!!!

First up is the awesome new album from Carcer City, this album is all kinds of brutal and definately too good to be given away for free, but it is so enjoy, all it costs is a Twitter Tweet or a Facebook post and you'll be slamdancing around the living room to some Parkway Drive/Architects style metal

Carcer City - The Road Journals

Download from here

Next up is some nice free bandcamp stuff

Red Stars Parade - High Hopes/Lutine Belle/Disko

Awesome screamy metal band from the mid 00's, everything they ever put out for free pretty much

Download from here

Finally for now we have my old friends at Obscene Baby Auction's bandcamp page where you can pick up a ton of releases for free including the Kill Yourself/Humanfly split 7" that i put out with them, seriously get that one it's amazing, but also you can pick up the never released Kill Yourself album which is some crazy Shellac/Jesus Lizard style mentalness uber good indeed

Kill Yourself - The Album

Download here:

That's it for now, i'll try and post links to more free stuff as and when i find it

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