Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vulgarians - Wet Juice

I saw a recent news item in the NME that claimed that Alex James from Blur had announced that independent music was dead and his cheese business was the way to go, who knows if it was actually true i have a feeling they lie a lot over there, why am i bringing this up? Good question, time to introduce another stupendous new independent band Vulgarians, who join the ranks of many more amazing bands emerging these days such as The Wytches, Eagulls, The Fat White Family, Post War Glamour Girls, Hyena and many many more. Bands of this ilk are proving that there's still hope out there, cutting their teeth on previous demo's 'Autocratic' and 'Naturally Nothing', they now unleash their official debut 'Wet Juice' showing that we can expect great things from these Hull based noise rockers, the link to download for free is below, yes all for the princely sum of fuck all. Like a hybrid of Nirvana jamming with early-mid The Horrors shot through with a strong post-punk leaning, this gives me hope for the future, Alex James, smell my cheese!


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