Saturday, 26 December 2015

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.40 Kings Of Leon – Four Kicks / Head To Toe

Sometimes a bands biggest hit can ruin everything that was good about them, up until ‘Sex On Fire’ Kings Of Leon could do no wrong, three excellent albums back to back each with a different twist on their own stlye, then that ass-rock of a song ruined everything! ‘Four Kicks’ is the best track off their second album and uses a great quite loud dynamic to explode the chorus into a rush of adrenaline which thank god they back up with an equally as good song. ‘Head To Toe’ will most likely have never been heard by even the older fans, tucked away here in b-side obscurity it’s a gem of a track and makes me miss when bands released more 7” records, it’s better than some of the other singles off the second album and it definitely pisses all over that earlier mentioned pile of shit.

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