Thursday, 20 February 2014

Top 50 of 2013: No.45: Jetplane Landing - Don't Try (Smalltown America)

Welcome back Jetplane Landing, 6 years is too long to go without their cocky tongue in cheek brand of rock ‘n roll, and boy are they back. ‘Don’t Try’ is easily their most accomplished yet, creating a unique sound that manages to mix the intensity of At the Drive.In with the wackiness of Les Savy Fav driven home with melodies that would make Dave Grohl jealous, yet sounding absolutely nothing like those bands. Opening with the intense ‘Cheapskate Tricks for Worn Down People’ and only slowing down briefly during the anthem in waiting ‘My Radio Heart’, ‘Walls Of Derry’ follows recalling Kerbdog at their heaviest, if any other above bands appeal to you or you just like huge melodies mixed with heavy riffs, then you need to check out Jetplane, one of the most underrated bands and albums I’ve heard in quite some time, and as they themselves state, they were writing shit like this years ago.


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