Thursday, 20 February 2014

Top 50 of 2013: No.46: Stray From The Path - Anonymous (Sumerian)

Sometimes when you hear a band this good and you find out it’s their 7th album you wonder how the hell you’ve managed to never hear them before, Stray From The Path have managed to evade me for too long and based on this album I’ll be checking out their back catalogue. Kicking off with the punch to the face of ‘False Flag’ and not slowing down for nearly 40 minutes of RATM politically infused metal mixed with hardcore, the intensity on display here rivals bands like Snapcase and Downset and takes it up a further notch and adding Jason Aalon Butler of letlive to ‘Scissor Hands’ is a touch of genius as it gives the album one of it’s highlights, as is previous single ‘Landmines’, seriously I have no idea how I’ve not managed to hear these guys before but my ears are happy I have now.


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