Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Top 50 of 2013: No.48: Satyricon - Satyricon (Roadrunner)

Kicking off with a hypnotic riff that could charm a snake Satyricon’s 8th album instantly worms its way through you and makes the 5 year wait worth every minute, as usual the Norwegian black metal band have polarised opinion which they have done throughout their career, because horror of horrors they dare stray from the original blueprint that they themselves were as much a part of creating. So if you are expecting them to return to a sound they pioneered 20 years ago, you’re shit out of luck, if you're expecting one of the best black metal crossover bands to evolve yet still produce excellent metal then this is the album for you. Satyricon have been producing excellent albums since 1994 and this latest is no exception, while not as brutally heavy as my favourite album ‘Now, Diabolical’ the song structures as usual are simple yet effective. While in my opinion having clean vocals courtesy of Sivert Høyem on the melodic ‘Phoenix’ doesn’t do much for the album, I do agree with them at least trying something different and it’s not so much an awful song, it just doesn’t really fit, album highlight is ‘The Infinity of Time and Space’ which is an epic masterpiece in itself. Let’s hope the next one doesn’t take quite as long.


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