Thursday, 27 March 2014

Top 50 of 2013: No.37: Silver Sun - A Lick And A Promise (Invisible Hands Music)

Criminally underrated is probably the best way to describe Silver Sun, for 17 years on and off they’ve been banging out amazing power-pop, I say they, these days it seems to be more just James Broad, which makes the likelihood of touring almost non-existent. So out of nowhere after a 7 year gap, new album ‘A Lick And A Promise’ just appears on download sites with no promotion and as far as I can tell not even a website or social media page to its name, it’s hard work being a Silver Sun fan, but occasionally very rewarding. Opening with what must be the best 3 songs to start an album ever ‘I Just Wanna Treat You Right’ is jam-packed with beach boy harmonies, huge guitar riffs, and James’ sardonic wit, ‘For Alan Clarke’ continues this tradition into what must be the most introspective song for this (band) yet ‘Bottom of The Class’ which ironically may actually be the best song you’ll ever hear by Silver Sun. The rest of the album has no chance of really keeping up with this trilogy of tunes, not that there’s a bad song on here, it’s just too good a start. Sadly there may never be another album, tour or any word at all from Silver Sun, but then again who knows when an album will appear from nowhere, fingers crossed.


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