Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Top 50 of 2013: No.40: NARCS - Two Birds, One Stone Later (Clue Records)

Yet another Leeds band worth getting excited about, Narcs literally erupt from the first minute of this album and over the next 10 songs hold you captivated in the palm of their hand. Opener ‘Souvenir’ sets the tone perfectly with a foul-mouthed sample opening into the controlled chaos that Narcs ply their trade in, there’s an almost early-Arctic Monkeys style to the lyrical delivery mixed with the unhinged rage of the extremely underrated My Red Cell and swirled round bouncy catchy choruses. Debut single ‘19’ is a stand-out track that will stick in your head, all sing-along wrapped in thoughtful lyrics such as "It takes two to make a fool, one to lie and one to listen" and that’s what sets this album apart from most, it’s not just catchy, it’s not just rocking but it’s got great lyrics that takes it one step above. Forthcoming single ‘Coast To Coast’ based on a heart wrenching tale of an old couple out of their time with its beautiful line of “Don’t mind me dear, I’m tired & I want to go home” showcasing Narcs ability to get inside you, and that’s what good music does, it gets in your heart and makes you feel, it’s what separates good bands from great bands.


Coast To Coast will be released on April 1st with a few live tracks added which I’m looking forward to, but if you fancy the real thing they’re playing The Library in Leeds on 4th April, links to all that good shit below

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