Friday, 21 March 2014

Top 50 of 2013: No.39: A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy (Self Released)

Admittedly I was a little slow getting into ADTR, only starting out with their last album 2010’s ‘What Separates Me From You’ but admittedly I was blown away with the massive pop-punk anthems mixed with brutal metal breakdowns and I’ve since already picked up some of their early stuff, so expectations were already high when I heard about Common Courtesy. The best thing is that they haven’t changed one bit, this album is still crammed with massive sing-alongs and even heavier sections than before, opener ‘City Of Ocala’ is a brilliant ode to remember where you’re from "This is our corner of the world, Where we can come to be ignored" bouncing straight into ‘Right Back At It Again’ which sums up this band so well, always working and always touring. There are no real dud tracks on here but I have to admit I preferred the previous album as a whole; maybe it’s because of how concise and to the point the last one was, with bonus tracks this album comes in over an hour and for once maybe it’s just slightly too much of a good thing, or maybe the old adage is true, the best albums can be fitted onto one side of a 90 minute tape.


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