Saturday, 23 January 2016

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.47 Redd Kross - Get Out Of Myself / So Cal V8

If you have never heard Redd Kross shame on you, over the last 35 years they have been honing their sound from the hardcore songs of their youth to the bubblegum power-pop of their later years and have churned out some of the best music you’ve never heard. While there’s countless singles to choose from I’m starting with one of my favourites.  ‘Get Out Of Myself’ is lifted from their 1997 album Show World and is one of the standout tracks from the album chock full of the McDonald brothers harmonies. However it’s when you flip the record over that things really get interesting ‘So Cal V8’ should have been a single itself, it’s got more energy than a crate of Red Bull and blasts by in 2 and a half minutes of power pop perfection, there’s many bands who deserved more recognition than they’ve had but Redd Kross are near the top of that list.

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