Friday, 29 January 2016

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.49 Ed Harcourt - She Fell Into My Arms / I've Become Misguided

Ed Harcourt’s first album Here Be Monsters is pretty much a masterpiece, which spawned a number of excellent singles and was a huge step up from his decent mini album Maplewood. It’s not that the songs were bad on Maplewood it’s just they were stripped down almost demo like needing the extra instrumentation that would make the album such a leap forward. ‘She Fell Into My Arms’ is a lush painfully cracked love ballad done only like Ed Harcourt can do. ‘I’ve Become Misguided’ was originally on Maplewood but it was nowhere near as good as it is on here, when Ed half dementedly screams the chorus it’s almost like a different song altogether. Having also had the pleasure of seeing him live I can truly say that it’s an experience worth seeing and hearing.

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