Wednesday, 27 January 2016

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.48 The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums / Standing Here

Come on, if you haven’t heard ‘She Bangs The Drums’ there’s no hope for you, you don’t even need to be a Stone Roses fan to have heard this one it’s a classic and nothing else needs to be said. ‘Standing Here’ you’ll be forgiven for not knowing, it’s been tucked away in b-side limbo and unless you picked up the single or Turns To Stone or Collection albums you’ll likely have never heard it, which is a crying shame as it’s actually my favourite Stone Roses song. Kicking off with Squire’s trademark squeal of a riff it’s like an air raid siren played on guitar and when Ian Brown croons "i'm standing here, i really don't think you could know, that i'm in heaven when you smile" it becomes a song that is damn near perfection, this is the very definition of a desert island disc.

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