Thursday, 27 June 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.40: Two Gallants - The Bloom And The Blight [PIAS]

I’d started to think Two Gallants had called it a day, they’d released 3 albums in 4 years and then… nothing, finally 5 years later they make their return and in true gallant style (pun) they do not disappoint. I’m not sure what they did over that time but they’ve come back stronger than ever, and the noise they produce for a twopiece now is astounding, previous works have seen them a lot more subdued at times but they’ve always had a penchant for the theatrical and noisy side of music. The best thing about the new output is they’ve finally streamlined the songs, in the past albums have been a mixture of killer songs with songs that tended to meander on for up to 9 minutes, whereas on ‘The Bloom And The Blight’ you get the same brilliant stream of conscious tales from Adam Stephens but in much shorter and fuzzed up bites. There’s numerous stand-out songs here like ‘Halycon Days’, ‘Ride Away’, and ‘Willie’ some people are likely to take the Dylan going electric stance with this album as it’s much more of a rock album then the gallants have produced in the past, but as with Dylan it’s still great music and that’s all that matters.

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