Thursday, 20 June 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.44: Every Time I Die - Ex Lives (Epitaph)

I’ve not yet managed to catch Every Time I Die live, but if I ever did i’d imagine that it would be a lot like their last few albums recording sessions sounded, soaked in beer and fun and one hell of a party, and this in a nutshell is why I love this band so much. You can actually hear the band enjoying themselves in the recording, Keith Buckley’s vocals and lyrics are us usual amazing, and the band are on ferocious form, standout tracks, pretty much all of them ‘Revival Mode’ probably stands out above others but if you’re already into this band then this album will not disappoint. For those not already familiar with the band you can expect hardcore, mixed with a dose of metal, rolled over with southern riffs, and finally sprinkled with so much originality it makes other bands of a similar style redundant. Every Time I Die are up there with Glassjaw, Letlive and Boysetsfire as a band that can truly never disappoint, here’s hoping to catch them next time they’re in Leeds.

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