Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.45: Architects - Daybreaker (Century Media)

Another year and another Architects album, these guys are nothing if not prolific, 3 albums in 4 years and with ‘Daybreaker’ they’ve brought some of the brutality back, not that previous album ‘The Here & Now’ wasn’t heavy but it didn’t really live up to the huge expectations following 09’s masterpiece ‘Hollow Crown’. Starting out with a bit of a subdued intro in ‘The Bitter End’ you’d be forgiven for thinking this Brighton mob really had gone soft, until ‘Alpha Omega’ kicks in straight afterwords and literally shreds your face right off like Architects of old, this truly is an album to listen to LOUD! There are so many standout tracks in ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ and ‘Devil’s Island’ and while they still take things down to almost ambient proportions in areas it just serves to highlight the heaviness. So if you found the previous album a little on the softer side then you’ll love this return to form, and if new track ‘Bad Blood’ is anything to go by, the next album will make the top ten of it’s year.

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