Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.41: The Chariot - One Wing (Season Of Mist)

One thing that I like about counting down the top 50 albums of last year is each day I get to listen to said album to refresh my memory, which means each day I get to listen to an amazing album and today was no different. The Chariot have always been a band that pushes boundaries and keeps things entertaining, especially for a band as brutal as themselves, but on ‘One Wing’ they’ve just taken the whole thing stratospheric. So you still get your heavy as hell Chariot which some of you will know and love, but you also get a 1 minute female solo from Angela Plake on ‘Your’, ‘First’ goes off on a spaghetti western tangent, and the Chaplin sermonesque ‘Cheek’ is perhaps one of the best tracks the band have ever done. Now reading above the song titles probably seem a bit weird but in true Chariot fashion when you read them all out you get Forget, Not, Your, First, Love, Speak, In, Tongues, And, Cheek. So all I can say is another great day and another great album, makes me look forward to tomorrow.

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