Monday, 1 September 2014

Deadcuts - Dark Is The Night (Review)

It’s been around 20 years since Senseless Things called it a day, and in that time band leader Mark Keds has recorded a few b-sides with The Wildhearts, formed and split bands like Jolt, The Lams and co-wrote a hit single with The Libertines, and now finally he’s back on form with a new band. Not that any of his other bands haven’t been good, they just haven’t been Senseless Things good, Deadcuts are not only Senseless Things good, they’re actually dare i say it, better. Kicking things off with ‘Tail Of Voodoo’ this song only hints at the gems to come, tumbling straight into the awesome ‘Kill Desire’ immediately you’re taken aback by how good Mark’s vocals are again and how much you’ve missed that raspy voice, backed perfectly by ex-Skuzzies man Jerome Alexander’s eerie guitar lines. Dark Is The Night could be the only title to this post-punk apocalyptic record, with numerous standout’s but the best has to be ‘Floods’ which duets Mark with Beatrice Brown as their vocals intertwine over the catchiest guitar line i’ve heard yet this year. The whole album showcases the songwriting talent Deadcuts clearly possess, stamping their style over topt songs like ‘Dusk Chasers’, ‘Blind Sexx’, and ‘Pray For Jail’ there’s a delicious uniqueness to their sound which you find missing from a lot of bands these days, Deadcuts sound like Deadcuts. Based on this debut they’re going to go on to even better things, also special note has to go to the production which allows crescendos of noise to breathe and instruments to be heard not stifled together in a mess of dirge, this is the start of something very special indeed.


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