Saturday, 13 September 2014

Irk - Bread And Honey (Review)

Leeds must be a very angry place considering we've already spawned noise rock bands like Kill Yourself and Super Luxury, and now to add to that list is Irk! Irk are even noisier than those bands, with a brutal double bass assault bringing to mind a hypothetical jam session between Girls Against Boys and Shellac with the aggression turned up to maximum. Opener 'Care Taker' sets the tone perfectly with briffs so heavy they could loosen bowels, briffs would be bass riffs another first from happy days (chalk it up!), with vocals literally spat over the top like a wounded animal screaming in pain and lamenting it's dying moment. 'Mammalian Love March' is more of the same with the occasional spoken word bits but still coming off like the aural equivalent of a rabid dog, and ending with 'You're Welcome' which slows down the pace somewhat but not the aggression. There's been a real resurgence in noise rock style bands at the moment, Irk are easily among the best, and i'm eager to see what comes next, brutally brilliant stuff.


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