Saturday, 13 September 2014

Southern - Where I Want To Be (Review)

Southern have been on the happy music radar since their debut EP and huge anthem 'Shout It' apparently there's an album coming soon so 'Where I Want To Be' is likely a taster of whats to come, and based on this it's going to be laden with huge chorus' and brother/sister duets just liked we'd hoped. On this single they've taken the song-writing up a notch and have real mainstream appeal (if you care about that kind of thing) while still retaining their own brand of bluesy folk indie rock, which is what makes them great. B-side 'The Way You Breathe' sees Lucy take charge with a woozy folksier song and while not up to heights of the a-side it does have melodies that wash over you and would sound brilliant at a festival.


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