Saturday, 13 September 2014

Post War Glamour Girls - Gustave (Review)

So let me get this straight, Post War Glamour Girls have already released what happy days considers a contender for album of the year, as well as two one off singles and now they release a double a-side of new songs and it's only early September, i'm loving this band! Now you'd expect these songs to be offcuts from the previously mentioned excellent album, but no, good god no, PWGG are another beast altogether, taking things even darker if possible. A-side 'Gustave' would be a perfect song to soundtrack some New Orleans voodooesque crime thriller, all swirling rhythms with vocals like a mixture of madman preacher and spoken melodies and an almost gothic backing vocal from Alice, it's literally spine-chillingly good. onto the AA-Side 'Lolong' kicks off as a distorted rant of a song that occasionally launches into a catchy chorus showing off how easily PWGG can switch between melody and noise. I've already started picking up their older stuff, and maybe i'm biased because they're from Leeds but in my humble opinion, they're one of the best bands going at the moment.


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