Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Albums coming out worth looking at over the next few months

02/09/2013 Glasvegas - Later...When The TV Turns To Static

Some saw their last album as a bit on the dodgy side, this promises to be back to the darker stuff

02/09/2013 Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks

It's been so long who knows what to expect, heavier the better for me

09/09/2013 Arctic Monkeys - AM

Continuing the tradition for shite album sleeves, hoping they rock even harder than Suck It And See

09/09/2013 Satyricon - Satyricon


09/09/2013 The Strypes - Snapshot

Is all the hype worth it, looking forward to seeing with these guys

16/09/2013 Mark Lanegan - Imitations

Mark's covers album, as always likely to be magnificent

16/09/2013 Manic Street Preachers - Rewind The Film

Last album was bloody awful, hoping the reviews are right on this one

16/09/2013 Placebo - Loud Like Love

It's Placebo but that's not saying much these days

16/09/2013 Stray From The Path - Anonymous

Supposed to be brutal as fuck, hope so

23/09/2013 Charly Coombes - No Shelter

Not as upbeat as the New Breed stuff, more along the Elliott Smith lines

23/09/2013 Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull

Can one of the formelly best bands ever who destroyed their own career make a comeback????

23/09/2013 Mazzy Star - Seasons Of Your Day

Only 17 years late, but this could be a dreampop masterpiece

23/09/2013 Exit Calm - The Future Isn't What It Used To Be

Last album showed real promise, could this be the one to capitalise on that??

30/09/2013 Korn - The Paradigm Shift

How bad will this album actually be, can't wait to find out

30/09/2013 Scar The Martyr - Scar The Martyr

Joey Jordison's new side project, keeping my mind open

30/09/2013 Soulfly - Savages

Last few albums have been crushingly heavy, betting this will as well

30/09/2013 Dregen - Dregen

Backyard Babies solo album, curious to hear this one

07/10/2013 Wet Nuns - Wet Nuns

This album will likely be heavy as hell and catchy toboot

07/10/2013 A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy

How fucking long has this taken to get released, very very eager for this one

07/10/2013 Cage The Elephant - Melophobia

This could be a new direction for this band, heard it's Bowiesque

07/10/2013 The Fratellis - We Need Medicine

Can they make it 3 class albums in a row?? bloody hope so

14/10/2013 Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt

Last few albums have been a bit hit and miss, hoping for a hit on this one

21/10/2013 Monster Magnet - Lost Patrol

What i've heard sounds great, but we'll see

28/10/2013 Corrections House - Last City Zero

28/10/2013 Arcade Fire - TBC

04/11/2013 Melvins - Tres Cabrones

04/11/2013 MIA - Matangi

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