Thursday, 15 August 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.23: BLAME - Gracious Malady (Dark Days)

There’s definitely a 90’s revival thing going on lately, be it bands reforming or bands taking influence, and let’s face it, the 90’s was an awesome decade for music so this can only be a good thing. Blame could easily be leaders of the pack for 90’s influence, and that’s not to say they sound like any particular band from that era, they just carry a vibe of bands like Lemonheads, Sebadoh or Sugar, even the album cover screams 1993. All of this would amount to nothing if they were just plain copyists, but Blame also has a hint of modern sound to them as well ‘Best I Could Be’ carries an angular vocal attack reminiscent of The Cribs, ‘Outsiders’ ‘Floods’ and ‘After Hours’ have huge anthemic choruses that will have you singing along on the first listen. Blame are a band that have appeared as if from nowhere fully formed and armed with massive songs and one of the best debut albums of the year, This album is really good, but something tells me there’s better to come. So support them as much as you can as they’re doing things on their own so far, and talent as good as this couldn’t and shouldn’t be ignored, so dig out your old flannel shirts and ripped jeans and get back to the 90’s.


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