Friday, 9 August 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.25: Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg (Major label)

I don’t give a fuck, I like Jake Bugg, the backlash seems to have already started on this guy, but sit and listen to his debut album and remember that all that backlash stuff is bullshit created by writers of mags like NME. What you have here is 14 little pop nuggets, and by pop I mean what they called pop music back in the 60’s not the awful stuff that mascarades as it today. Almost every track could be a single, and in fact half of the album has been, obviously everyone knows the comparisons to folk heroes like Donovan and Dylan, some tracks even have an early Beatles feel. Brilliant melodies and poignant lyrics are a plenty on this album and tracks like ‘Lightning Bolt’, ‘Trouble Town’, and ‘Two Fingers’ are standouts among standouts, so ignore the hype and just listen to an awesome album.


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