Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Viva Viva - Dead In Yr Tracks EP (Fort Point Recordings)

It’s funny how I find new music sometimes, recently I’ve finally picked up a physical copy of the Officer May ‘Smoking In A Minor’ album, so after getting that I started looking into they’re vocalist Chris Warren’s other new band again Viva Viva, turns out they have literally just released a new EP, so being me I couldn’t resist. Now I’ve already got the full length 2010 self-titled album which was a great pop-rock album, but I’ve not managed yet to grab a copy of the mini-album ‘What’s The Kim Deal?’ (this will be rectified shortly) so there’s a big gap between what I’ve heard and new EP ‘Dead In Yr Tracks’. Like I said previously the last album was great, the new EP is literally amazing, brilliant pop-rock hooks, slight elements of funk, this is one of those bands that a hell of a lot more people should know about, in fact a lot more people should be aware of Chris Warren’s music in general, all four tracks on this EP take the band to a whole new level than before, and for those missing the rage that Officer May had in abundance, just need to check out closing track ‘Halfway To Hell’. So Viva Viva, not so much a new band, but definitely a band to check out, also recommended and linked below is Chris’ solo records on bandcamp, unfortunately the ‘American Vulture’ album seems to be missing in action, so the 100 people who got a handmade copy are lucky bastards indeed.


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