Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Top 50 of 2012: No.22: Hawk Eyes - Ideas (Fierce Panda)

Including time under their previous moniker Chickenhawk, the band now known as Hawk Eyes have actually been going for a good 8 years, however a lot of people are seeing them as a new band, so whether the name change was a deliberate chance to reinvent themselves or not, based on how far they’ve come since, it was worth it. Previous EP ‘Mindhammers’ hinted at a more riff heavy sound and less reliance on the sludgy style they were known for previously, but this new album sees them come on leaps and bounds, not to say their previous output wasn’t brilliant, they’ve always been one of the best underground bands the UK had to offer. Kicking off with the best song they’ve done so far ‘Witch Hunt’ the album doesn’t let up with huge stoneresque rock, at times technical metal and always with heaps of catchiness, it’s almost impossible to pigeonhole this band because there’s so much going on. While a lot of bands try to do this Hawk Eyes succeed in not being diverse for the sake of being diverse and all the songs flow together, so if you’re looking for heavy but with a touch of melody, then Hawk Eyes could be your new favourite band.


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