Friday, 11 September 2015

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.11 Kula Shaker - Grateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There / Another Life

People sometimes forget that Kula Shaker weren't just all about the hippy Tattva and Govinda stuff, when they wanted to be, they could be quite the rock beast of a band. 'Grateful When You're Dead' is evidence of such with it's fast spiky guitar lines and huge chorus, it's what propelled them to the heights they achieved and really they deserved even better. Segueing into the hippier 'Jerry Was There' it lulls you into a relaxed cosmic state just in time for 'Another Life' to come and slap you back into reality you filthy hippy. It might kid you for around 45 secs of softness but when it kicks in it reminds you that Kula Shaker's early b-sides were some of their best work and it's another belter of a song

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