Friday, 4 September 2015

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.4 Dwarves - Drug Store / Detention Girl / Astro Boy / Motherfucker

Sometimes you need a nice bit of indie rock like the next record that will be on this list, sometimes though, just sometimes, you need a record sleeve with naked chicks and a dwarf covered in blood, and four songs that smash through your brain in about 5 and a half minutes, Drug Store is such a record. Released on one of the best labels ever Sub Pop Dwarves deal in no frills straight up punk rock, 'Drug Store' is one of their best early songs full of energy yet strangely melodic, 'Detention Girl' hit you like a battering ram to the left while 'Astro Boy' slaps you in the face from the right, all crash landing into the finale of 'Motherfucker' which is as good as it's title suggests with a brilliant rip from 'Surfin' Bird' love it.

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