Monday, 7 September 2015

1001 7" Records You Must Own No.7 Girls Against Boys - Super-Fire / IfGlamourIsDead

Unless your in your mid 30's like me or a bit older you might not realize that in the mid 90's magazines like Kerrang! used to be great for finding new bands, there was barely any internet then so it was a lot harder to find them. Two bands i got into through reading reviews in said magazine were Redd Kross and Girls Against Boys, also watching Clerks was a good introduction to this bands laid back groove ridden rock, this was the single taken from their last independent album before a disastrous jump to a major. Super-Fire is all creepy atmospherics and spirally riffs twirling through GVSB's own version of melody, there really was no-one quite like them and hasn't been since. B-side 'IfGlamourIsDead' is more of the same and highlights just how at the peak of their power they couldn't even do a dodgy outtake.

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